ROI Calculator

This calculator simulates the potential return on investment that you could realize with our DispatchPlus product. Please provide some quick information about your business, and we’ll show you how we can directly impact your bottom line.

Directions: Enter the appropriate amounts in boxes with a blue outline.

Number of Employees Hourly Salary Work Weeks/Year
Mobile Workers
Impact on Business Operations Estimated ROI
Overtime Reduction
Estimated number of overtime hours saved per week per employee
Dollars saved annually per employee
Dollars saved annually
Vehicle Savings – Mileage Reduction- Dispatch Efficiency
Estimated number of miles saved per week per worker
Estimate the vehicle cost per mile*
Dollars saved annually
Revenue Increase – Additional Jobs due to Efficiency
Average revenue per job or delivery
Number of extra jobs or deliveries per week per worker
Additional Annual Revenue
Annual Savings and Revenue Increase
Recurring Charges
Monthly DispatchPlus Costs ($30.00/Month)
Annual DispatchPlus Costs
Total Savings and Revenue Increase

*AAA Annual Report on Vehicle Costs (Based on 15,000 Miles)

Large Sedan$0.710